Changing the educational landscape…

…sounds pretty big for a mission statement, but that’s exactly what we are after. We create a super intuitive application that will change the way students and teachers communicate. Our goal is to make every single school day easier – so that our users can concentrate on learning again.

We are a highly motivated international team that is committed to offer the best possible product to our users. If you want to have an impact on a real world problem we should hear from you.


As a solution software engineer you will be part of the scrum development team (3 engineers). You will work on almost every layer of the platform (frontend, backend, even IT if wanted). Your responsibilities will include implementing new features, XP best practices, participating in code reviews, and experimenting with new technologies to improve our stack and provide the best experience for our users.

Generally speaking learn, improve, grow… and start over again!

Requirements – Looking for agile Ninjas

Do not reinvent the wheel

You have advanced knowledge in design, modeling and development of web-based applications

Waterfall is for fishes

Scrum and agility FTW

Follow the leader

Sound knowledge working with frameworks and libraries (Symfony 2.1, Doctrine, etc.)

Adobe do it wrong

Convinced and addict to standard industry technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Jquery etc.)

Nginx is the future

Curious interest in emerging technologies


Send us a link to any previous work you have done as web designer or PHP developer (Any project that demonstrates your skills in PHP, CSS, design) to