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Task Planner

You forgot to take notes of your exercises? Enter your (home) work into your smartphone or your notebook. Scolibri allows you to discuss and exchange assignments and solutions with your classmates.


With Scolibri you can carry your timetable with you at all times. Last minute changes? No longer a problem, since you can check it on your smartphone.


Create your online calendar with Scolibri. Organize all your appointments and collect your documents in a portfolio. The great thing about this – it works with all devices, no matter where you are studying.


Use your smartphone and your Scolibr-notepad to take notes during classes and for exercises. You can even share these notes with your classmates.


You decide which information you want to share with whom. You can register without your private e-mail address and we will assign a @scolibri e-mail address to you, so you are able to communicate with your classmates and teachers.

File Exchange

Share your files with your classmates quickly and easily. Find your files at any time. Thus, you are able to access your class materials for years to come.

Task Planner

Plan your daily tasks online. The Scolibri task planner reminds you of upcoming deadlines and allows you to use exercises again.


With Scolibri your daily schedule is always at hand. Save changes directly into your smartphone. Forgot a room number? No longer a problem.


Organise your appointments online and share them with your colleagues. Inform each other about meetings, appointments and deadlines.


Take notes of lessons and participation quickly and easily. Share them with your students and colleagues.

E-mail Address

Scolibri helps you to easily separate private and work-related e-mails. Your professional e-mail address allows you to communicate effectively with your students and colleagues.

File Sharing

Maybe you are using dropbox or google to share files, or is your school using moodle? Thanks to Scolibri you can simply exchange files according to German data protection law. This feature is constantly developed and improved.

Overview about tasks of all groups

Your students are complaining about too much workload in other subjects? Solve this problem and get an overview of all upcoming deadlines your students have in the other subjects.

School Calendar

Manage the appointments of all the teachers and students in a safe school calendar. For example, you can look up which dates are already taken for exams and tests of your colleagues. Inform your students and teachers about short-term changes online.

Share Substitution Plan

Send your daily updated teacher substitution schedule to all teachers and students. Scolibri does not replace the software to create the teacher substitution plan, it just helps to share the information.

Unlimited File Sharing

Exchange documents quickly online, without using hard copies. Did you know that schools spend an average of 60,000€ per year for hard copies? Reduce the use of paper for announcements, appointments and assignments.


Inform yourself about the current state of knowledge of your students in other subjects. With Scolibri you can exchange feedback take the individual needs of your students into account.

E-mail System

Not every teacher and student have a school e-mail address. Apply for your individual mail domain. Be able to check your e-mails using any device, independent of time and geographical location.

Save & Easy to use

Scolibri is the safe means of communication for your school’s every day life. Via SSL encryption your data are transferred to German servers. Scolibri respects your privacy and is easy to use.



Scolibri is developed by students, teachers and parents. The handling and structure of the platform are natural.


Scolibri is protected by the safe Comodo EV SSL licence. Your data is transferred in an encrypted way.


Keep your data in your own hands. Scolibri is a safe alternative to social networks. The terms and conditions are user-friendly.


Scolibri helps mature learning relationships to grow.





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sebastian-waack-1Sebastian Waack
Teacher in Berlin Neukölln

“Among themselves my students are using groups on WhatsApp or facebook to prepare their homework and to study for exams. For them, e-mails are already ‘ancient’. With Scolibri I finally found a modern and data safe alternative to overcome the age gap and to continue the communication between teacher and students online.”

Jürgen Tenbrink
Early retired teacher

“During my professional life I have seen the development in the use of media in class from the very beginning. The educational system has the difficult mission to teach young people a reasonnable use of computers. From my time as a teacher I know that there is a big need to create opportunities for safe communication between the different ‘levels’ of a school. I heard about Scolibri in a RBB report. I contacted Scolibri very early. I think the Scolibri-platform seems to be the first step into the right direction.”

David Hönig
Student of a Secondary School

“In my opinion the concept of the platform is very simple. Its basic design does not distract with needless details. That’s why it is convenient to read things on this website and the eye does not get tired.”

Student of a german Gymnasium

“Scolibri’s menu system is clear and not complicated. Features such as the tasks or short messages help me to keep an overview over tasks or in case of long-term group-works or when I’m sick. With Scolibri I can access everything on one single webpage and I do not need to search my personal e-mail account and fight my way through to the black board at school in order to get the information which is important to me. On top of that I am able to ask my whole class a question without having to create an e-mail list or a facebook group.”


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